below are the most common litter
found in our community

Cigarette Butt


Paper Bag


Food Containers and Wrappers

Food Containers



Foam Plastic

Foam Plastic





Understand The WHY's

What causes littering
and how we can prevent it

Where People Litter Why People Litter How To Prevent Littering

Why Do People Litter?

  • No personal ownership of litter sites.
  • Feeling that it is someone else's responsibility to keep areas clean.
  • The casual and careless handling of waste materials.
  • Lack of receptacles or containers to hold litter items.
  • Other litter already at the site of disposal.
  • Lack of pride in one's surroundings.
  • Personal convenience.

Where Do People Litter?

  • Special events (fairs, carnivals, concerts and meetings.
  • Roadways and highways as well as on/off ramps and roadway median strips have increasingly become the target of litter.
  • High traffic and everyday locations are fast food businesses and deli's, convenience stores, picnic grounds, park benches and other high pedestrian traffic areas.
  • The entrance to a public building, an office, a retail establishment, a train platform or bus stop.
  • Sports gatherings (football, baseball, basketball, etc.)

How We Can Prevent Littering

  • Identify littering sites in your community.
  • Through you local officials maintain enough litter containers for the sites.
  • Post non-littering signs and warnings.
  • Enforce litter laws that are on the books or pass laws to keep you community litter free.
  • Educate everyone through all means available to the consequences for them personally, the community, state and ultimately the nation.
  • Involve everyone in the anti-litter eforts.

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How you can help

Learn below ways you can contribute
to our community and environment

Things You Can Do

  • Volunteer on a litter pick up day.
  • Adopt a road in Livingston Parish.
  • Become a corporate sponsor.
  • Keep your property litter free.
  • Become a member of our organization.
  • Contribute to Keep Livingston Beautiful.

Livingston Parish Facts

  • Each person generates about 4.4 pounds of waste per day.
  • Livingston Parish generates about 80 million pounds of waste per year.
  • 50,000 pounds of solid waste is discarded in Livingston Parish each year.
  • Louisiana spends about 15 million of our dollars a year cleaning up litter.

Change Starts With You

  • Changes in your community's attitude towards litter starts with YOU.
  • A little commitment on your part can go a long way and can impact others positively.
  • Every action you make, even by simply making sure your yard is clean, helps.
  • The sum of your positive actions can help your community stay clean and litter-free.